segunda-feira, março 02, 2009

All that was left, was an empty room

Dear all,

I just got home from one of the greatest times of my life.
I feel like i need to write to you, to really let this out.

First i want to thank Giulia, for being the main responsible, then i want to thank you all for being there, and for making this possible. If each one of us wasn't so interested in this meeting it wouldn't have been possible.

What i really loved about our reunion wasn't the city or going out or eating, which we did a lot (the three)! It was to actually feel the love.
First when we were in the hostel on the first day, seeing you come trough that door, one by one, it made me really happy. But the best part was just after 1 hour of being together we were already brothers. From the moment we met we were already so close! I really enjoyed this.

I loved being part of this group, and i guess Paris had a lot going on these days, tourists, students, emigrants, but for me, these and every other days Paris is about all of you. It's about learning, communicating, understanding, trusting.

For all of these reasons it was very very hard for me to leave Paris today. Even though i wasn't the last to one to leave the city, i was the last one at the hostel i saw everyone go and went back to our empty room. Sadness invaded me.
I carried it with me on the metro, on the RER and on the plane. I found my self crying and people sitting next to me handing me tissues.

Because i love you all and i don't know when i'll see you again.

These are my feelings from our trip. It was worth ever single second and euro, because you can't put a price on a friendship like ours.

Je vous embrasse!



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Midnight in Lisbon disse...

Qem me dera ter estado lá, só para ter um texto assim dirigido a mim ! ..